The EPIC Advantage…

At least one of your facilities will have maintenance issues pop up when you least expect it. That is where the EPIC Preventative Maintenance plan becomes a cost saving measure for your company.

  • Regular, preventive maintenance helps maintain the functionality of your HVAC system, plumbing, electrical and lighting. Saving you money and helping you estimate capital expenditures based on EPIC’s equipment longevity quarterly report.
  • The unexpected is bound to happen and the EPIC Service Provider Team is ready to fix any problem and quickly assess the situation with recommendations for repair within 24 hours.

Multiply those problems across multiple locations and the challenge of managing maintenance issues become apparent! That’s where The Epic Group comes in.

  • We maintain over 8,000 client locations nationwide
  • Our scale, volume and strong vendor relationships allow us to deliver top-quality service at the most
    competitive rates in the industry, in every trade, every time.

The Epic Group handles all those maintenance issues, and your facilities call ONE number for all their maintenance and repair needs.

  • We streamline the maintenance process. All across the Western United States, your people call us. We do the rest.
  • Rather than asking location managers to find local vendors and resolve maintenance issues on a per
    location basis (with no price or quality standard), EPIC-serviced locations call just
    one number with all maintenance issues. Our clients take comfort in knowing their employees are spending
    less time solving maintenance problems…and more time interacting with customers

The Epic Group has a comprehensive network of pre-qualified service vendors in over 40 trades, ready to respond to your facility location.

  • We’re connected to the most highly qualified local and regional service vendors in the western United States – in big cities and small towns.
  • Because The Epic Group has high service standards and fixed rates for every trade, you
    know you’ll get consistently great service at pre-established rates.

You will receive one semi-monthly detailed bill by Facility Region. How simple is that?

  • The Epic Group takes the mountain of paperwork for all of your facilities and consolidates them into one semi-monthly, easy-to-understand invoice.

Maintenance and repair data is collected from all your facilities and used to uncover opportunities for additional savings.

  • The EPIC team analyzes this data revealing inefficiencies and offering strategies for operational and financial improvement in your maintenance and repair costs, saving your company $$$.
  • Your facility manager(s) make one call, or email the EPIC service desk.
  • EPIC handles the issue from there freeing your manager(s) to do their jobs.
  • The EPIC vendor network is ready to go out to your facility.
  • You receive one consolidated, detailed Invoice per region.
  • Saving is a guaranteed benefit of using The Epic Group.
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