Partnering with The Epic Group creates an efficient maintenance program combined with guaranteed savings.

Major retailer saves with The Epic group.

Before 2010, this major retailer had the facility maintenance issues being handled by the individual store managers. The store managers would call anyone out of the phone book and get estimates. If the estimates were under a certain limit, the manager would just have the repairs authorized and go from there with no defined quality or price standards. This retailer’s corporate management team was finding it extremely difficult to track maintenance requests and control maintenance spending.

The Epic Group Single Source Solution and Result:

  • EPIC implemented a regional maintenance management program immediately pulling the facility maintenance issues out of the store managers’ hands, freeing them to do the work at the store level they needed to do.
  • A Preventive Maintenance program was put into place sending technicians out quarterly to monitor HVAC equipment, lighting and plumbing to insure all equipment was running properly. This resulted in fewer unscheduled maintenance visits and issues.
  • EPIC provided the retailer with monthly and quarter reports detailing all facility maintenance issues, and costs.
  • Store managers now call one number when they have a maintenance issue, streamlining the process.
  • Top performing technicians have replaced lower quality providers. This has resulted in an increased level of service and lower fixed rates, saving the retailer time and money on repairs.
  • Continuous monitoring of the maintenance issues have resulted in financial and operational improvements.
  • Projected equipment replacement quarterly reports help the retailer’s corporate management team to better forecast maintenance spending.

How can we help your company?

With our “Single Source” fully integrated service approach, we offer a complete range of services so our customers have the convenience of dealing with a “Single Source” provider for any or all of their service needs. Whether you have one location or hundreds, you’ll deal with dedicated, hands-on professionals providing you with customized solutions cost saving efficiencies and quick turnaround implemented with simplified billing and administration processes.